As Blogilo is a Free/Open Source software, you can contribute in its development, and help us to make it better.

Since 18-Sep-2009 that its source is moved into KDE, Many of jobs have done in KDE way. But old ways are still valid.

Want contribute?


Use the Donate button at sidebar to help us to keep Blogilo up and make it a full featured blogging client.

Help developers by reporting bugs:

Since Blogilo moved into KDE, We are using KDE bug tracker for bug tracking. goto: and submit bugs you find!

You can even send patches for known bugs, but before sending a patch, first get the latest development snapshot from main git repository, and check if it exists yet, and send the patch through kde review board. our bug tracker or email to developers!

Help translators or start translating Blogilo into your language:

KDE localization teams are working on Blogilo translations, contact them.

Help developers and users by building and maintaining packages:

As developers don’t have enough time to make binary packages for any distribution, you can help them by building and maintaining packages for any distribution/OS, and inform us to add a link for it on download page.

So, Other users can use available binary packages instead of building it from source.

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